Imagine Having Someone Like Mable To help You

Please say “hello” to Mabel! Mabel has been with Sound Community Services for 1 year and is one of our Employment Specialists in our Employment Services program. Our Employment Services strives to help match candidates with work environments suited to their skills and abilities while being mindful of employers’ preferences and business needs.

Mabel states, “In times where our clients need the most support, they never forget to support others as well. Working as an Employment Specialist during this pandemic has been challenging but my clients have developed a higher sense of self, worth, and productivity to stay above the barriers. Most of our clients have a desire to give back, advocate, and work hands on with people just like them because they understand what it is like to feel down. In order to fulfill that need, our clients have participated in many volunteer and employment opportunities that give back to the community such as delivering food boxes, working food pantries, cooking large amounts of meals for the community, repairing old homes, cleaning up the community, and picking up life skills employment positions. They know what they want and most know how to obtain it, but they just need our genuine support as a motivation to just keep swimming.”

Mabel, who serves our community as the Chair for our Regional Multicultural Advisory Council, which is a cultural collaboration between Sound Community Services, Reliance Health and SMHA, states, “Our clients have never failed to remind us of the importance of giving back to others during hard times”. This inspired the Council to take part in enacting a February initiative titled “28 Days of Kindness”. “28 Days of Kindness” will encourage people to perform an act of kindness throughout the month of February, in hopes of creating a heartfelt long-term gesture!

Thank you, Mabel, and to all our Employment Services staff for all you do every day!