Have a Bent Crandall Day!

Please say “hello” to Ryan! Ryan has been with Sound Community Services for over seven months and is a Case Manager in our Bent Crandall Program (BCP). Bent Crandall Program is a 12–18 month residential dual diagnosis (Mental Health and Substance Abuse).

Faye, Program Coordinator in our Bent Crandall Program and Ryan’s supervisor states, “Ryan has been with the agency since October 5th, 2020 and in that time, brought such a positive energy to the program and agency. He is someone who is dedicated, respectful, kindhearted, and humorous. Ryan is always looking to learn, grow, and knows how to make everyone feel welcome. On a daily basis, you will find Ryan laughing, telling “dad jokes,” supporting PS (Person Served) by always going above and beyond, and zooming around the program. He has recently started a cooking group on Fridays where he prepares a meal, teaching the PS, embracing his inner Gordon Ramsey hosting a little BCP cooking show.”

Faye said it perfectly, Ryan embraces “his inner Gordon Ramsey” when it comes to cooking and he even owns his own Chef jacket.  Ryan states, “I have always had a passion for cooking- which started from my mother teaching me the basics of making grilled cheese from probably around the age of nine. Since then, I have picked it up and have incorporated it into my everyday life and even now especially with the Bent Crandall cooking groups. One of my favorite quotes is from one of my favorite artists – Phil Collins, “In learning you will teach – and in teaching you will learn.””

Ryan’s goal in life is to make both his mom and his Yaya (Greek for Grandmother) proud, two very important role models in his life.  In his spare time, he enjoys watching various type of shows to movies, listening to an eclectic range of music, reading, and much more. A fun fact, Ryan lives on a farm in North Stonington along with his girlfriend, their two goats, and their two dogs.

Ryan credits fellow coworker, Errol, our Senior Director of Community & Residential Services, which he states, “I also wanted to thank Errol personally, who showed me the ropes and getting started at Sound. It was a great start to a rewarding career to work with people who really do CARE. “

Thank you, Ryan, and to all our Case Managers in our residentials for all you do every day! As Ryan would say “Have a Bent Crandall Day!”