Building Healthy Habits

Please say “hello” to Alixzandra! Alix has been with Sound Community Services for 4 ½ years and is a Case Manager in our Behavioral Health Homes program (BHH). Before working in BHH, Alix worked in our Employment Services program. BHH helps get access to appropriate primary healthcare for individuals diagnosed with chronic behavior health conditions – who are traditionally underserved in primary healthcare and often experience barriers in accessing appropriate care.

The tagline for BHH is “Building Healthy Habits”. Alix states, “I tell my clients to think of their body as their home. To build those healthy habits they must take care of themselves. This includes attending appointments with their primary care doctor, or specialist, and taking medications as prescribed.”

She also states, “The most rewarding part of my job is when I can connect a client with a doctor or specialist, they haven’t been able to see, or to get an ongoing chronic medical condition taken care of. It’s the little things, and my clients always make sure to show how appreciative they are.”

Alix, who is from New London, states, “What I love about SCSI is that they are embedded in the community I grew up in, it allows me to give back to my city. WHALER PRIDE!”

Thank you, Alix, and to all our BHH staff for all you do every day!