Becoming A Bolder Neighbor

Please say “hello” to Nathan! Nathan has been with Sound Community Services for 1 ½ years and is one of our Employment Specialists in our Employment Services program. Our Employment Services strives to help match candidates with work environments suited to their skills and abilities while being mindful of employers’ preferences and business needs.

Nathan, who has been commended by his fellow coworkers for the amazing work he does, states, “There never seems to be a shortage of viable excuses to treat our neighbors as something other than extended family. It’s human nature to tighten our circle of trust with each traumatic experience we endure. I wanted to resist that reflex and I’m very grateful to Sound for providing me the accountability to do that in a time when circles are tighter than ever before. My clients’ anxieties really resonate with me and I love that I can affirm for them that it’s very brave to pursue something as vulnerable as community employment.”

Nathan also states, “Working here has done so much for my personal development in terms of becoming a bolder neighbor: familiarizing with diverse backgrounds, developing a confident coaching voice, taking ownership of myself, setting healthy boundaries, embracing and resolving conflict, confronting destructive behavior… these are all things I’ve learned from the adoption of a caseload and the mentorship of ridiculously supportive colleagues.”

Thank you, Nathan, and to all our Employment Services staff for all you do every day!