SAP Client , Aurora Kate Ackley, Writes Book Trilogy

This past June our SAP Residential Program began working with a new client, Aurora Kate Ackley. Aurora is on the autism spectrum, struggles with PTSD, and has had challenges with homelessness. Despite some of the challenges she has faced in life, Aurora is a ball of fire and fills a room full of energy the moment she walks through the door. She has an easy laugh and a big personality that commands the attention of all who meet her.

When you chat with Aurora, you find that she is an open book and often shares stories of her life and her dreams. She speaks frequently and fondly of her late grandmother. “Grams” played a significant role in supporting Aurora when her own mother was unable and became her best friend throughout life’s darkest moments. The two shared a passion for dragons, mythology, and anime. Aurora credits her Grams for her “sass and out-there sense of humor.”

During one of her initial meetings with her support team at SAP, Aurora shared her goals for the future and what she was hoping to achieve while at Sound. In typical Aurora style, she casually mentioned that she has written a book trilogy. The first of the trilogy, An Elite Dragon Story (The Elite Trilogy Book 1), has been published and is available for purchase on Amazon. The second two books are currently with her publisher and are in the process of being edited for publication. On top of writing three books, Aurora also did all the illustrations herself!

Aurora describes An Elite Dragon Story (The Elite Trilogy Book 1) as follows:

“Many eggs are laid by the lady dragon Arikka that crisp fall morning, but one egg is special. The newborn dragon seems weak, the proverbial runt of the litter, well, clutch in this case. Yet, he makes up for it with heart and hard work in his training: his hard gained flying, his fire attacks, not to mention his other more special abilities that he goes to the edge for. He will face many things as he grows: attackers, betrayers, loss and love. He will have many adventures, save friends and be saved as well. He will also make mistakes, as we all do, on the way to meet the thing that is also his name: Destiny!”

When asked how she was able to write three books despite the many challenges life has thrown her way, Aurora responds with a smile, “Grams! She was my advocate. She helped me write my books. She supported me all the way. She was cool beans.” As Aurora was developing the book characters, it was Grams who encouraged her to discover her strengths and use them as character traits for the female characters found throughout her books. Unfortunately, Grams passed away during the publication process and never got to see her granddaughter’s book on Amazon. Aurora’s first book is dedicated to Grams to honor her memory.

Aurora has asked if Sound could help her find ways to spread the word about her book and hopefully get it into the hands of more readers. Without hesitation, the SAP team has jumped into support her goals and her dreams.

Please join us in supporting this creative young woman in selling her book and honoring her Grams.

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