Our Service Benefits The Community

Please say “hello” to David! David has been with Sound Community Services for over 3 months and is our Community Care Coordinator for our Community Services Program (CSP).

David and his family, who reside in New London, takes pride in being involved in the New London community. David states, “Being a social worker is truly my passion, and it has been since I began in this field 23 years ago. I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to join such an amazing agency such as Sound Community Services and see how our service really benefit the community. I love how everyone at here makes the people we serve our priority, seeing the change on their faces as they reach their goals makes coming in everyday as good of an experience I’ve ever had.”

What is David’s greatest accomplishment? David states, “Being invited to weddings, graduations, and introduced to the children of some of the people I worked with when they were just children themselves. This reassures me that if you don’t give up on someone, they won’t give up on themselves. Change isn’t a quick process but know that people will reflect upon the work you’ve done with them, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see how it all plays out.”

That you, David, and to all our CSP staff for all you do every day!