Diva of Oasis

Please say “hello” to Jasmina! Jasmina is one of Sound Community Services decade long clients, who is active in our Oasis Program. She’s known as the “Diva of Oasis.”

As a transgender person, Jasmina, who identifies herself as a female is very active within the LGBTQ community. She was physically born as a male, but always felt like a female growing up. All her life, she has been bullied and assaulted, but she doesn’t let that beat her down. She doesn’t just lobby for her fellow transgender people, but she also brings awareness to HIV, which she was diagnosed with in 2009. Jasmina even competed in a pageant and won the title and crown of Miss Trans New England 2014, an accomplishment she’s very proud of. Her life is a controversial conversation, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jasmina states, “I love Sound, they make sure I’m comfortable and that I’m safe. They’ve always been amazing like that with me. I love Sound Community; without them I would be coocoo and I’m already coocoo.” The pandemic has been tough for Jasmina, but it has also been good to her. All during the pandemic, Sound Community Services has helped her get her medicine to having staff meet her outside to listen when she needed to vent to even more. She is very thankful to Sound Community Services for all of this.

Jasmina brightens up the room when she walks through the door, she may have her tough days, but her sense of humor and her desire to be alive, has helped her continue fighting for her life! Everyone here at Sound Community Services just loves Jasmina and we are always in her corner cheering her on for her successes!