Nathan Ferrance, Director of Facilities

Nathan first joined Sound Community Services in early 2012 after returning from active duty in the United States Army. Since that time, he has worked direct-care in both community and residential programs as a Case Manager and was a founding member of the Rites of Passage Program.

Bringing 10 years of contracting experience to his role as Facilities Director, Nathan also holds a bachelor’s degree in education. Prior to joining the military, he served as an elementary school teacher and continues to advocate for young adults today through his partnerships with Young Adult Services.

Nathan continues to serve in the military as an Infantry Officer in the Connecticut Army National Guard. He returned to his role as Facilities Director in early 2022 after a yearlong deployment to the Horn of Africa as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

“My personal philosophy comes down to three tenets:

1. Take Care of the People

2. Accomplish the Mission

3. Improve the Organization

Every day I work to live up to those values and push others to do the same.”

He is a proud father, happily married, and avid outdoorsman who spends his free time with his family both at home and in the parks, beaches, and forests of New England.