Corey Whiteside, Chief Financial Officer

Corey Whiteside, CPA, CIA, Chief Financial Officer, joined the agency in November 2017. He brings 23 years of diverse accounting and finance experience from various roles in public accounting, public company internal audit, small business consulting, and non-profit operations.

Corey credits his father for developing a knack and ultimately a life direction in accounting, simply because Dad asked for an accounting of Corey’s spending money during the first year of college. A Cum Laude graduate with a BA Economics from Colgate University, Corey was accepted into a cooperative accelerated masters of accounting program between the University of Hartford and Hartford offices of ‘Big 6’ CPA firms. After taking a “gap year” working in Yellowstone National Park, Vail Colorado, and travel in Europe, he began his professional career with Arthur Andersen & Co. Switching firms to Coopers & Lybrand, Corey’s audit clients were primarily middle-market manufacturing and real estate entities; however, it was one client, the University of Connecticut Foundation, that most contributed to his ultimate landing at Sound Community Services. After auditing and then Controllership in that non-profit environment for 7 years, Corey found a deeper meaning to work and life that beckoned him to return.

“I see the immense value of Sound Community’s services based on my own life experiences. The programmatic results from our mission of changing lives and creating a better future for our clients afford me a front-row seat to hope-filled growth and development, which inspires and sustains my spirit every day.”

Corey seeks to foster stability and emotional intelligence in the agency’s fiscal operations using the principles of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. With the rest of senior leadership, he is committed to serving the people who serve Sound’s consumers.

When not working at Sound, Corey is involved with his community providing volunteer service to multiple faith-based and recovery-focused organizations, and also to Berlin, CT politics, and Zoning Board. He tries to be the best Dad he can be to his three daughters but is frequently distracted by the news, Star Trek, and DIY projects.