Crushing Goals While In Recovery

Please say “hello” to Marcus! Marcus, a New London native, is a resident in one of our Sound Community Services Residential Programs. For roughly ten years, on and off, Marcus had been an alcoholic. Four years sober, Marcus is proud to be in recovery now.

Marcus came to Sound Community Services, “to improve my life, to do better, to stay sober and be in recovery,” he states. To be able to do this, Marcus is setting goals to achieve. With the help of our Employment Services, he’s looking for work so he can obtain a job and give back to society. He’s also utilizing our Men’s Group; a safe place for our male residents to talk and receive support, he attends Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings, and much more. He also hopes to get his own place, but what is most important to him is staying sober and in recovery.

One of Marcus’s biggest goals he’s achieved so far, he got his driver’s license! It took him two years to get it, but he’s been trying to get it for the past 10 years. When asked if he wanted to share any other information with all of you, he had something special to share. “My mother is a part of my support system, so I’d like to give a shout out to my mom,” states Marcus!

We are proud of you Marcus, keep crushing those goals!