Sound has its own commercial! 

Sound has its own commercial! 

Click here to check it out!

The Why

When it comes to external marketing, we work hard to educate our community on the services, groups, and programs offered by our agency. But more importantly, we work to decrease the stigma surrounding those who suffer from mental health disorders and/or substance use disorders. We cannot be leaders in our industry if we do not first work to empower the people we serve and bring hope to those in need.

The Goal

There are many people who still think that mental illness and addiction are a choices made by lazy people lacking discipline or people who grew up in the wrong neighborhood. Many people don't realize how many people they know are silently suffering and afraid to ask for help.

We want to change this perception. We want the world to know that those who suffer mental health and substance use disorders did not choose to suffer, mental illness does not make you less than, and that we are here to help. We are in the business of giving hope, of helping those in need find their voice, and of making a difference in the lives of all we encounter.

The How

We do not have the marketing budget of a large for profit company that allows to spend millions on creative, high-quality marketing initiatives. Instead, we have developed key relationships with local business to help spread our mission, we capitalize on free or discounted opportunities as they arise, and we thoughtfully invest our small budget into meaningful marketing opportunities.

This year we had an opportunity to partner with the Garde Arts Center, D2 Marketing Solutions, the ISAAC School, and Alpha Imagery to create a moving commercial! We used local actors, local businesses, and the talents of those who are personally connected to our mission to bring this commercial to life.

  • D2 Marketing Solutions made it all happen and managed the project.
  • The ISAAC School donated one of their classrooms to shoot the commercial.
  • Alpha Imagery found volunteer actors, shot the footage, and edited the video.
  • Sound created the vision and ensured that the messaging aligned with our mission.
  • The Garde Arts Center provided the platform to show our commercial.


The Where

Our commercial will play during the opening credits of each and every movie played at the Garde Arts Center’s 2020 Winter Cinema Series and will be posted on our website and social media. Please take your family to enjoy a movie at the Garde, to support our collective efforts, and to see our video on the big screen.

Please feel free to share this video anywhere and everywhere! We hope you love it!