Tamra joined the Sound team five years ago as the Payroll & Benefits Coordinator and has worn many hats since.

Today, she holds the role of Vice President of Human Resources where she handles employee relations, benefits, and hiring. Encouraging employees to “meet people where they’re at, be compassionate, and walk in the other person’s shoes,” Tamra is a self-declared people person and loves that her position at Sound allows her to have a direct impact on her community.

Having set out to work as a chef, Tamra was educated at Johnson & Wales and made her way to Mystic through the school’s internship program. It was at the Mystic Marriot that she found herself in an HR rotation, and there her passion met her purpose.

Tamra spends her free time baking with her mom, running around with her six-year-old and volunteering with her husband as youth leaders in their community church.