Gino DeMaio, Chief Executive Officer of Sound Community Services, has always had a true passion for grassroots development and implementing change through action. His leadership style is about creating a shared vision and influencing those around him. His goal is to bring what he knows and what he is passionate about to his agency, the community and those served.

Before accepting the position of Chief Executive Officer, Gino embarked on a 20-year distinguished leadership career with the State of Connecticut, working with Commissioners from DMHAS, DDS & DCF where he was instrumental in creating and implementing a forensic services division that permanently changed the way agencies work in collaboration to influence change. More notably, this division changed how individuals with Developmental Disabilities were handled when they encountered the Judicial, Probate and Mental Health Systems by changing standards and influencing outcomes around Competency to Stand Trial for these individuals. These legal and clinical efforts reduced the recidivism rate and influenced and forever changed the lives of individuals with Developmental Disabilities who encountered the Judicial, Probate and Mental Health systems. This development also led to the allocation of millions of dollars per year to divert individuals who would have otherwise been institutionalized or incarcerated without its development.

After spending almost 20 years traveling around the State of Connecticut influencing change in most cities in the region, Gino is elated to be able to use his leadership skills to influence change at Sound Community Services and the City of New London, a place where he is wholeheartedly grateful to call home.

In his downtime, Gino enjoys sharing his love of photography, music, and sailing with his beautiful wife, Lisa. They can often be found taking in the natural beauty that Southeastern Connecticut and Long Island Sound has to offer.