Social Work Through a Macro Lens

Please say “hello” to Rachel! Rachel has been with Sound Community Services for over 4 years and is one of our Care Coordinators in our Community Support Program (CSP).

Rachel recently graduated from the University of Connecticut with her master’s degree in social work (MSW) with her concentration in policy. Rachel states, “I prefer to look at social work through a macro lens.” Next month, Rachel will be leaving Sound Community Services to further her career.

Sheila, our Program Coordinator of our Community Support Program and Rachel’s supervisor, states, “Wanted to thank Rachel for all her hard work and dedication to the agency. She finds it very difficult to leave her CSP Team, and the clients she has worked with throughout the years. Rachel will be sadly missed by all her clients and coworkers. It is a pleasure working with her and wishing her the best of luck.”

Thank you, Rachel, and to all our CSP staff for all you do every day! And best of luck Rachel!