Jason Hyatt

“It is my duty and opportunity to impact real change in peoples’ lives and help them reach the quality of life they aspire to have. Society has created wounds and stigma around people struggling with mental health and addiction. I value helping others find hope, love, and serenity. I want people to know that they can recover and reach their goals.”

In his capacity as Chief Program Officer, Jason is responsible for all programs and aspects of operations that fall into his areas of expertise. These include Residential, Community programs, Young Adult Services, and programs in our outpatient clinic. Hyatt joined the Sound Community team in 2004. With a Masters in Public Administration from Indiana State University and Certification in Pastoral Counseling, Jason has notably added young adult programs to Sound, including Shaw Street, Right of Passage, Young Adult Services, the AXS Center, and increasing the clinical supports within our Outpatient Clinics.

Jason’s leadership style is thoughtful in considering decisions that impact those around him by exploring every aspect through thorough research and investigation. With the gift of instilling real change in peoples’ lives and always facing situations from a renewed, intentional, individualistic, and optimistic approach, Jason encourages all forms of growth, no matter how small or complex. By welcoming the flow of life, acknowledging that failure can lead to growth, and honing a keen eye for detail, Jason is an influential and valuable member of Sound Community Services as his faith and hope are seen through his commitment to the people he serves, the community, and our programs.

“In my spare time, I enjoy repurposing old things and woodworking with my hands. I also love spending time with my family, my kids, and participating in their activities. I was an introvert as a child, but as I grew I began to process life differently. I believe life is so fleeting, so I live in the moment because every moment matters.”