Dr. Luis Roberto Gonzalez, Medical Director

In August of 2016, we were thrilled to welcome Dr. Luis Roberto Gonzalez as our Medical Director. With a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University School of Public Health and a Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, Dr. Gonzalez brings over 40 years of medical practice experience to our agency.

Over the course of Dr. Gonzalez’s medical career, following the completion of his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital, he has held many notable positions, acquired a multitude of awards and achievements, and is currently the Chairman and Director of Behavioral Health Services at Saint Francis Hospital, a post that follows his position as the Medical Director of Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Services.

Additionally, Dr. Gonzalez is the Supervising Psychiatrist at Blue Hills Hospital, Consulting Psychiatrist of Crossroads Residential and Outpatient Treatment Program, and specializes in psychiatry, neurology, and behavioral health.

As the Medical Director, Dr. Gonzalez oversees the entire Medical Department at Sound, including the development of medical policies and research and quality of clinical care and outpatient medical services.