Jason’s Legacy Will Live On

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Jason Hyatt. Jason passed away from complications related to his 15-month battle with brain cancer.

Jason was a beloved member of the Sound Community Service’s family for the past 17 years, starting first as a direct care staff in a residential program, then Program Manager, Residential Director, and most recently, Chief Program Officer.

Jason had a profound impact on everyone he met; loved by the people he served, staff he provided mentorship to, and his co-workers. His passion for helping others was contagious, his compassion and desire to serve was inspiring.

We will miss him immensely, but we also find comfort knowing that he fulfilled his life’s purpose here at Sound Community Services. We have all been touched by this amazing person, and his legacy and what he valued will continue to live at our agency.


Gino DeMaio

Chief Executive Officer