Celebrating Staff

One of our Residential Programs at Sound Community Service had seven staff members nominated by fellow coworkers for the Donna Millette-Fridge Memorial Award, the most nominations out of our five residentials. Yesterday, our Bent Crandall Program celebrated their staff members who were nominated with certificates, balloons, cake, and much more!

For those of you who did not know Donna Millette-Fridge, she exemplified excellence in the service of those who are challenged by mental illness. Before Donna’s untimely death, she was a First Step employee for many years. Donna epitomized the values of social work! She always exhibited a very strong work ethic, strong leadership, and was an advocate for the First Step clients. She had dedicated her life to helping young adults who experienced behavioral health challenges, become productive members of the community. Each year the Board of Directors of Sound Community Services look to find that special employee who has demonstrated the dedication and commitment that made Donna so special.

Again, congratulations to all our staff members who were nominated for this meaningful award!