A Superhero By Day & Night

Please say “hello” to Darling! Darling has been with Sound Community Services for 3 years and is one of our Community Care Coordinators for our Community Support Program (CSP). CSP provides assistance and support to adults with mental illness, who may also have a co-occurring substance use disorder.

Darling, who shares a love of comics, states, “I have to thank Gino and my supervisors for giving me the platform to combine both my passions of comic books and mental health and creating the “Heroes Group”. I honestly didn’t think it was going to happen but the fact I was able to have the freedom of creativity to do it meant so much to me. It speaks so much volume of the space here at Sound. That someone can actually be free to be creative and given the chance.” Darling uses comics as a resource when he meets with his clients. Under their capes and masks, superheroes face real life situations such as mental health and substance abuse. It’s how they face their situation and how they overcome it to become the superhero in the eyes of their fans.

Darling, born in the Bronx, is following his dreams and is thankful for the encounters he’s experienced, and the opportunities Sound has given him. He states, “thanks to Sound Community on giving me the opportunity to work here to continue my career in the mental health field, as well as my team and the rest of the Sound family for their guidance throughout my time here.”

Thank you, Darling, and to all our Community Care Coordinators in CSP for all you do every day!