The First Annual Chili Cook-Off

The First Annual Chili Cook-Off hosted by The Lower Level

It was a warm fall day. Oasis was overflowing with clients. The air smelled of freshly cooked peppers, beans, sausage, bacon, and garlic. Laughter could be heard echoing through the halls. It was the first Annual Chili Cook-Off! The winner would hold the Chili King title for an entire year. There were five brave contestants. They were in it to win it! Derek Rock represented the AXS Team, Tabitha Wolchesky represented Community Groups, John Void and Phil Steffens represented Oasis, and Nathan Allen represented Employment. Staff and clients took their time savoring each and every chili entry. This was serious business. This was fall chili! Each chili was a completely different recipe with unique flavors and secret ingredients. Each left you drooling for more. Voting ballots were completed with deep thought and great care. The winner would have bragging rights for an entire 365 days! Ballots were tallied in a secure room to ensure there was no tampering. Time stood still. The tasting room was silent. Who would be the Chili King?! Finally after an excruciating wait, the results were in! Third place went to Mr. Nathan Allen! Runner up was Ms. Tabitha Wolchesky! And finally the First Annual Chili Cook-Off Winner, the holder of the Chili King Title, Mr. John Void!