Sound Community Services Awarded $5000 Grant From Chelsea Groton Foundation

We are happy to announce Sound has received a $5000 grant from The Chelsea Groton Foundation. This foundation gives grants to local organizations in the areas of Animal Welfare, Arts and Culture, Economic Development, Education, Environment, Health and Human Services, Housing, and Youth Activities. We applied for this grant in order to support our elevator renovation project. Our building is three levels with the first and second floors being used for walk-in services five days a week, 9 1/2 hours a day. Approximately 2,000 utilize our facility on an annual basis.

The last several years, the building’s Otis elevator, which is original to the building, has failed many times due to aging components. Elevator repair and maintenance professionals have advised us that many of the parts are no longer available, obsolete, or potentially faulty, putting both our staff and patients at risk.

The building's stairs present an obstacle for patients whose health is compromised or who are disabled. When the elevator is out of service, which occurs more and more frequently, we have to move patient appointments to our Norwich location, reschedule appointments, or meet with patients in other areas of the building. Having a working elevator is also an ADA requirement. Without one, we risk losing our Department of Public Health licensure.

For these reasons, modernization of the building’s elevator is critical for us to continue serving the community. With the grant received from The Chelsea Groton Foundation we will be able to move forward with these vital renovations.

We are so thankful for Chelsea Groton!