Meatball Challenge

Sometimes self-care requires yoga, meditation or silence. And then there are other times when only a meatball challenge will do.

We have a tradition on the 3rd floor of having various food challenges, yesterday it was all about the meatball.

I'm wondering, is there any programs, team or staff who would like to participate?

Do you have a specialty that you think could mount a challenge?

If so, we invite you to bring it on!

Reach out, let me know if you are up to the challenge!
Thank you, Alex and Donovan for being the official taste testers

Congratulations to the following winners

Brandi Larkin, first place for her classic Italian meatball

Caitlin Hill, second place for her creative BBQ Bacon "Moinkballs"

People's choice -Tie!!

Max Logan, Classic Italian Meatball
Nayssa, Jamaican style meatball