#IntegrationNation Strikes Again!

Integration is a team-based model of care, based on the blending of various programs across an agency focused on treating a shared population through a collaborative treatment plan with clearly defined outcomes.

As many of you have heard, we recently purchased a new property for the Rite of Passage Program (ROPP) in order to continually improve the quality of our programs and enrich the lives of our clients. (Stay tuned for future details about the new house!)

And this week was the big move! The facilities team and the ROPP team have been working around the clock to prep, pack, and move. Relocating an entire program is tremendous work for everyone and is a bit anxiety-producing for our ROPP clients. 

Our AXS clients and staff recognized this move as an opportunity to show compassion, support our community, and pay it forward! The AXS team quietly snuck over to the old ROPP house to clean it out so that the ROPP team and facilities team would have one less thing to worry about and could focus their energy on settling into their new home. 

We are extremely grateful for their thoughtfulness and help. When you see these amazing young people roaming our halls, please thank them for modeling the true spirit of our community. And while you’re at it, please also give a round of applause to the AXS staff for showing us how powerful integration can be.

We also extend deep appreciation to the facilities team for their tireless hours of work on this great new chapter in the lives of our clients and the life of our organization.