Bryan Is Telling His Story

Please say “hello” to Bryan. Bryan is one of our residents in one of our residential programs who has battled with a mental health diagnosis and substance abuse.

Bryan hit rock bottom a little over a year ago. He was abusive with drugs and alcohol; his life was falling apart. He was in jeopardy of losing his apartment, his car, he lost his friends, turned on his family and was borderline homeless. “I was living in a hopeless situation a year ago,” states Bryan.

A year later, Bryan is telling his story…

During the start of his recovery, before coming to Sound Community Services, Bryan received help from Brief Care, a program within Southeastern Mental Health Authority (SMHA). With their help, Bryan was able to secure disability, opened a bank account, signed up for health insurance, receives food stamps, but most of all they helped him become stable.

Fast forward to now, Bryan is active in the activities offered in our/his residential program and our Oasis Center, which give him the tools he needs to continue on his road to recovery. 1 year and 1 month, Bryan is sober, and his life is coming back together. One tool he takes advantage of, is attending Alcohol Anonymous (AA) meetings. He has a wonderful sponsor and is working on his twelve steps.

Like many people, we battle with our demons. This is where Bryan’s mental health comes into play. He has an amazing therapist with SMHA who he trusts and he’s extremely thankful for the staff at Sound Community Service who have helped him tremendously when it comes to helping him fight his demons. He knows when he needs to seek help and not ashamed of doing so!

Bryan, who is working on being a better father to his child, is also writing a biography book about his road to recovery, will be starting college in the Fall and he’s an amazing artist, specializing in graffiti art. Bryan state, “This is the best place I’ve been, I’m very thankful.”

Bryan has come a long way and he’s on track to a better, brighter future. We are proud of you Bryan!