You can be a hero and “flatten the curve”!

Many of you have asked what you can do to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. The answer is to take steps to the #FlattenTheCurve! If you aren't familiar with that term, click here for a quick explanation.

If you are healthy, that is wonderful! But you still have to follow the precautionary guidelines put in place by the CDC, the State of CT, and our agency. This is how YOU protect your elderly parents and grandparents, your best friend who struggles with asthma, your neighbor who is battling cancer, and the guy in line at the grocery store who struggles with COPD.

Here are some tips to help you be a hero and save a life by not spreading the virus:

Explore credible resources:


Know what works and what doesn’t:


  • -Hand Washing: Scrub with soap and water. Be sure to scrub the top of the hands, palms, and nails for a minimum of 20 seconds. Then rinse and dry well. This the best form of defense.
  • -Face Touching: DO NOT touch your face, especially our eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • -Cleaning Surfaces: Use disinfectant wipes or 1-part bleach to 10-parts water and paper towel for surfaces. Disinfectant wipes are safe to use on cell phones.
  • -Social Distancing: Keeping physical distance from others and avoid shaking hands, high-fives, and hugs. DO NOT ignore the social distancing rules about crowds and events. You will spread the virus to others who are at risk, even if you seem healthy.
  • -Wearing a Mask: DO NOT wear a mask, unless you are sick (masks do not protect a healthy person). DO wear a mask if you are sick and remember to frequently change into a fresh mask (masks are only effective for approximately 20 minutes).
  • -Wearing Gloves: DO NOT wear gloves. Once you touch a infected surface or person, the gloves will only spread the virus. Wash your hands instead.
  • -Most Importantly: If you develop symptoms, STAY HOME and call your Primary Care Physician (PCP).


Man speaking and pointing - Sound Community ServicesHere is our Leader and Chief disinfecting his office at the end of the workday. The best way to #FlattenTheCurve is by each of us doing our part for the benefit of us all!