Our Residential Programs are getting noticed on a national level!

It was recently reported by SteadyCare that our agency had a 98% compliance rate through the check in system, in which we are the #1 rated agency in the United States.

SteadyCare is an organization that services a multitude of nonprofit agencies all over the country. It is a call service that we use here at Sound in our Residential Division during the 3rd shift, helping to reduce agency risk by verifying and monitoring overnight staff for presence, location, and awake status. Every hour between 12am-8am, our 3rd shifters are responsible for making a check-in call to SteadyCare ensuring they are alert, awake, and ready to perform. This mechanism serves as an additional safety tool creating measurable accountability for our 3rd shift team.

It is important to our agency because the Residential Division provides a 24 hour level of care to some of our most vulnerable clients. Many of our clients become symptomatic during idle time/late hours and often need immediate assistance in which our 3rd shift team provides. If you have never worked a 3rd shift, you can imagine staying awake is the most difficult task. Having to make a phone call every hour through SteadyCare helps our team to stay on top of our game. In the event a call is missed, SteadyCare has a call back mechanism, making the staff aware that a call was missed prompting them fulfill this task fifteen minutes before the hour. In addition, Residential Leadership is notified via phone call/email alerting this group of the mishap.

Shoutout to our Residential Division, more specifically our 3rd shifters who fulfil one of the toughest shifts within our organization!