Errol Maurice - Sound Community Services Leadership

Errol Maurice

Director of Residential and Young Adult Services

Professionally, Errol identifies as someone who wants to make a difference; not just in the community but globally. Life is truly a gift and he lives each day with purpose, seeking ways to better himself and all those he comes in contact with. One of the greatest things we have in life is our story, you never know who you are touching and whose life you are changing forever. At Sound Community, we take pride in educating, empowering and changing lives. We are a diverse organization where everyone deserves an opportunity to be celebrated, loved and encouraged as to why he chose this field.

Errol stands for equality, for love, and humanity. We are all here for a reason and on a continuous journey exploring our why! The journey is what makes us and our why is what we do with those tools and gifts. He has dedicated his life to becoming a people builder, giving them the tools to develop confidence, hope and a belief in something bigger than themselves. Transition and adversity are aspects of life that we all must face in which he knows all too well. However, it is not about how many times you get knocked down in life, it is whether or not you choose to get up and how you respond.

Aside from his duties as Director of Residential and Young Adult Services, Errol is a a proud father, mentor and basketball coach. Coaches, mentors, and sports saved my life keeping him on the straight and narrow. Life is a cycle and it is my duty to serve and give back. He loves sports, traveling and considers himself a true “foodie.”  In addition, he serves the organization as the Chair of the Cultural Compassion and Inclusion Committee. Having the unique opportunity to wake up daily and change lives is not work, it is simply who Errol is!