Expanding compassion through greetings

While we are dealing with all the uncertainty, we can be sure that everyday you will have an opportunity to come face to face with people. We might need to alter greetings, but still let the person know how we feel.


I like the idea of using greetings that still maintain connection without touching. Here’s a few examples for consideration. It’s just one small way that we can control the things we can, and who knows, maybe even increase connection with each other in a different way.

This greeting promotes connection with eye contact, hands near the heart and a head nod.

One of my favorites.

It's a classic and quite literally means you come in peace, so why not?

Hand over your heart

We are loving people who serve. What a great way to practice connection with each other than to extend your heart to people you come in contact with. Imagine how that might make your clients and co-workers feel instead of fear and confusion. Extending your heart to others, in a real compassionate manner all day long could create a movement at SCSI that symbolizes

“I really care about you and I send you love.”

Just some basic suggestions that could have a big impact on the way we show up, for each other, the clients and the agency. It also provides a teaching opportunity.You see, we all have an impact, verbally and non verbally, how we show up matters, especially now. Be the change!