Becoming a Resource for Learning & Independence

Nate and Warren from our Facilities Department wanted to find a way to bring their expertise to our clients and to build stronger relationships with our programs.

This dynamic duo reached out to the AXS Team to see if they could create a program that would help young adults learn some of the important facilities/home management skills essential to maintaining independence and stepping into adulthood. The AXS Team was thrilled with the idea!

Facilities and AXS met with our young adults to ask them what they wanted to learn, what they were never taught growing up, and what intimidates them about living on their own. The conversation was lively, engaging, and filled with important topics like:

  • reviewing basic tools and their uses
  • reading a lease agreement
  • energy saving tips to reduce bills
  • vehicle fluid checks and tire changing
  • how to fix common plumbing issues on your own
  • working with a landlord
  • how to avoid bugs and rodents
  • smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and other life saving devices

Each month the Facilities and AXS Teams will hold a workshop for our young adults to learn these great skills. Our young adults can't wait for these workshops to start!

If you see Nate or Warren out and about, please be sure to give them a shout out for this great idea and for reminding us that no matter our role, we call can make a difference!